About RCFS

Who we are:

We are a team that loves to create great Caribbean food. We are ready to start a Caribbean Food revolution

Real Caribbean Foods is the ultimate cooking social community, where recipes come to life. By joining us you will join a robust Caribbean foodie community  where you will get to share your recipes and food ideas with hundreds of other like-minded members.

You will also get a chance to win awesome prizes, make new friends and share delicious Caribbean inspired recipes and menu ideas.

How it came to be:

This journey for RCF came about many years ago, well let's say about 5+ years ago, I have always been the one to search for something and if do not find it, I create it myself, I have been searching for groups, networks, food shows, anything that is solely Caribbean, not just a few articles or a few recipes thrown in there , No, I want complete Caribbean Cuisine with other Cuisines just thrown in there.

I started out with my own food blog, but it just wasn't enough, it just wasn't reaching the global Caribbean community as I had envisioned.

I started a Facebook group of the same name. Facebook Group  where people from all over the Caribbean and beyond can share their everyday meals photos ,recipes and really connect with one another. The group success encouraged me to go forward with my passion of revolutionizing Caribbean food around the globe.

RCF was brought to reality

Let’s work together! Let's start a revolution with Caribbean food.

Drop us an email to get started!